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Indian B-Schools in Financial Times (FT) 2019 Global MBA Ranking

30 January, 2019

As was the case in the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2018,  the four Indian B-Schools have retained their position as the top-100 global MBA programs in the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2019.


The top-10 Global MBA programs are - Stanford Graduate School of Business; Harvard Business School; INSEAD France; University of Pennsylvania, Wharton; CEIBS, China; London Business School; University of Chicago: Booth; MIT: Sloan; Columbia Business School; and University of California at Berkeley: Haas.  American B-Schools dominated the top-10 position, and this list of top-10 has not changed from the 2018 Ranking.


Indian schools had a mixed performance in the FT Global MBA 2019 Rankings: 


Indian School of Business (ISB), the highest ranked Indian b-school in the 2019 ranking, gained 4 places to be 24th.  The PGPX at IIM Ahmedabad fell 16 places to be at 47th position, while EPGP at IIM Bangalore lost 2 places to be at 33rd and the PGPEX at IIM Calcutta gained 26 places be at 49th position!


It is important to understand that the Financial Times ranking is based on a set of twenty (20) evaluative criteria, with varying weightages.  The highest weightages are given to just 3 criteria - Weighted Salary (20%), Salary Increase (20%), and Research (10%) The following table gives the ranking of the 4 Indian b-schools -



Indian School of Business

Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta

FT Global MBA Rank24334749
B-School ranking based on some of the top evaluation criteria, and their weightage in overall ranking
Weighted Salary Rank (20%)2310621
Salary Increase Rank (20%)323709
Career Progress Rank (3%)263057
Value Rank (3%)51484125
Research Rank (10%)839710098


The IIM-A PGPX graduates earn 19.25% more salary as compared to ISB graduates and is ranked #6 globally for Weighted Salary.  But the ISB graduates are able to increase their salaries by 187% (as compared to just 100% for IIM-A PGPX graduates) and are ranked #3 globally for Salary Increase.  This discrepancy may be explained by the fact that IIM-A PGPX students have ~6 years more average work experience than their ISB counterparts, which will increase their pre-MBA salaries.  That fact is also corroborated by the Career Progression rank, where IIM-A PGPX ranks at #5 globally as compared to #26 for ISB! 


One disappointment is the consistent lowly performance by all 4 b-schools on the Research rank (which evaluates the number of articles published by b-school faculty in top-50 academic and practitioner journals from Jan-14 to Oct-16, as compared with the faculty size).  The best performance was by ISB (at #83rd). The Research criteria has a weightage of 10%. IIM-B, IIM-C, and IIM-A were ranked #97th, #98th and #100th respectively.


Still, for career progression, and absolute salary, IIM-A PGPX should be preferred over the other three b-schools.