Indian MBA graduates want to work for FMCG companies

According to Nielsen's Campus Track Business School Survey, Indian MBA graduates increasingly want to work for FMCG companies, followed by BFSI, Automobile and Consulting.

The fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry has emerged as the most preferred employer among the Indian MBA graduates this year, according to the Campus Track Business School Survey by Nielsen India. The survey included almost 1,100 MBA students from 36 top b-schools in India. Two years ago, e-Commerce was the most preferred sector for MBA graduates.


Some factors contributing to this shift may be the stable, double digit expected growth in future for FMCG sector.  FMCG is the 4th largest sector in the Indian economy and almost US$ 49 bn. in size and is expected to grow to US$ 104 bn. by 2020 according to IBEF research.


Sector of Preference





FMCG 34% 24% 24% 46%
Banking / Financial Services 19% 21% 25% 43%
Automobile - 17% 21% 34%
Consulting 22% 19% 23% 31%
e-Commerce 26% 28% 30% 29%
Consumer Durables - - - 27%
Retail 16% - - 25%
Analytics - - - 23%
Information Technology - 17% 25% -


In the past two surveys, the e-Commerce sector was the most preferred career choice for MBA graduates. However, this year it was at a distant 5th position! There has been a spate of mergers in the e-Commerce sector as well as a string of lay-offs. Also, access to capital has been an issue with which the e-Commerce companies have struggled with in the recent past, as most of them have not earned any money through their operations.


This has led to reduced interested among the MBA graduates, who think that their skills are better utilized in a more stable and growing sectors such as FMCG.


In the same survey, it was found that MBA graduates tend to prefer foreign companies over Indian companies. American consulting company McKinsey & Co. emerged as the most favoured employer, followed by Google. From India, Hindustan Unilever remained the most sought-after employer among marketing graduates.