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    My annual income is 2.5lac can college arrange educational loan for my son

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    Hello and thanks for reaching out.

    Several institutes and banks have tie-up for education loans, which, depending on the institutes' grade, attract different interest rates. So, the short answer is yes. 

    However, depending on the institute, and the loan amount, you may have to apply as the guarantor of loan. Our advise is that you reach out to the institute and the banks to explore more. 

    All the best!


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    My son has scored 98.4% in XAT and got through in interview in XLRI for one and half years course GPM. Subsequently he got a interview letter from SPJIMR , Mumbai fir PGPM course. 1. Which one is best. Joining XLRI for GPM course or SPIJMR for PGPM. 2. After completing the programme how about the final placement as for as XLRI and SPIJMR is concerned at what salary. He is already having 5 yrs of experience in a reputed company. I need your correct guidence.

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    Hello and thank you for reaching out.


    Congratulations to your son for securing admits to institutes of high repute! Both the programs that you mention - XLRI GMP and SPJIMR PGPM are 15 months long.


    To put things in perspective, and considering that post graduation salary is of high important, at SPJIMR PGPM, class of 2015 the average graduating salary was Rs. 15.85 lpa and the current program fees is Rs. 16.25 lakh (including the International Immersion). This gives an immediate RoI of 97.5%.


    At the XLRI GMP program the average graduating salary was Rs. 17.10 lpa, against the current fee of Rs. 17.50 lakh. The immediate RoI thus becomes 97.7%.


    As you can see there is absolutely no difference between the two! The median post graduating salaries are also similar (Rs. 15.58 lpa at SPJIMR and Rs. 16.50 lpa at XLRI).


    With the similar post graduation earning prospects, one must try to explore the variables that are of importance to them. We'd advice that your son connects with the two institutes and speaks to the current students as well as the recent alums. Theycan give him insights about the important but hidden value that the programs can deliver.


    All the best! If you need more information, write to us at social@gofyi.in

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    Hi, I am getting a mixed responses on ICFAI b school, hyd about its MBA program. I would like to know how the career prospects would be by doing MBA from ICFAI, Hyd?

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    Hello and thanks for reaching out!


    It is really hard to answer such questions – for, we have no understanding of your background, aspirations and potentials. So, what you will get is a generic answer.


    ICFAI, Hyderabad scores good when it comes to infrastructure and faculty. It has 90+ acre campus, but then equally large number of students (over 2,000+ for both 1st and 2nd year) to accommodate. That is a large crowd! But the academic infrastructure (faculty, library, IT systems etc.) does a good job to support such a demand.


    The large student body presents you with both good and bad. Good, because you are able to connect with so many peers and alums, who may help you with your career. Bad, because an individual has to work very hard to be visible – both academically and at the time of placements. The average salary is claimed to be Rs. 6.79 Lakh, and upper quartile average salary is Rs. 9.20 Lakh.


    That clearly means that you need to be in the upper quartile of the class (or may we rather say, among the top-100), to make most of the campus placement process. Therefore, what you can make out of your MBA experience from ICFAI is largely dependent on what YOU can. Hyderabad is a fast growing city, with strong industry presence – IT, Pharma, Real Estate, Retail, and even Films. So, you can touch with industry of your liking.


    The fees is high, however (Rs. 6.25 Lakh per year + Hostel = Rs. 15 Lakh aprox.). So, the immediate RoI will be low, despite earning upper quartile average salary.


    So, do you want to join ICFAI? Well, you have to decide based on what you have – how many admission offers, your capabilities, aspirations etc. Our recommendation to the MBA aspirants is to have a fair assessment of their strengths, aspirations and opportunities. MBA is a significant investment (it is obvious, isn’t it?), in terms of time, money and efforts! So, don’t take it lightly. Once you have analyzed your own profile, you yourself will be able to make the decision.


    All the best!