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    Hi there,I have 56.6% in my 12 th and after completing my engineering, I have no work experience either. Si could you suggest me a good b school where I can earn good in finance

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    Before we answer your question, what do you mean by “earn good”? And, by “in finance”, we assume that you want to build a career in Finance specialization?


    How are you with ‘analysis, numbers and data interpretation’? If these are your strong points, then we can say that you can really excel in Finance. If not, then we will urge you to re-evaluate your career choice.


    Coming to earning part, if you are thinking of Rs. 20 lakhs in salary, (which by the way almost every MBA aspirant hopes for), then very few B-schools can manage to attract recruiters that offer such salaries. Obviously, the competition to get in to these b-schools will be too fierce, and therefore, the entrance test cut-offs too high.


    So, the logical question to ask is, will you be able to manage attaining a high rank cut-off in entrance tests?


    It is up to you to assess your capability, and answer to this question. At present, you have provided me with such little information that we can not help you with clear solutions.


    Theoretically, if you manage to have exceptional CAT / XAT ranks (99+ percentiles), you stand a fantastic chance in B-school where the average graduating salaries are Rs. 15+ lakh!


    Please send to us your detailed profile, so that we can guide you better. All the best!

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    Does Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS), Mumbai offer MBA or PGDM on the field of Marketing and Supply chain ?

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    The NMIMS offers MBA as post-graduate program in its Mumbai campus. While its Hyderabad and Bangalore campus offer PGDBM and PGDM respectively. You can check the link below for more detail –




    Hope your query is answered? All the best!

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    What is the difference between GMAT and CAT

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    We have an article that compares the GMAT and CAT tests. You can read the article here: Exploring the GMAT route.


    The CAT format mentioned here is that from CAT 2015, and it has changed in CAT 2016. However, there has not been huge changes otherwise. One major difference is that CAT in 2016 could not be rescheduled. We are not sure about the CAT 2017 yet.


    The article captures the GMAT is good details. If you have any question, do let us know.