Good start to placement season at XIME, Bangalore

The placement season at XIME, Bangalore has started on a positive note, with the average and highest salaries already surpassing last year's performance.

The placement season for the current year started on 13th December 2016 in XIME Bangalore for the students of both Bangalore and Kochi campuses.


As of now 117 out of a total of 233 students are placed with an average package of Rs. 6.85 lakhs.  This is indeed a good start to the placement process considering the current turbulence seen across industries especially sectors like IT and ITES.  Last year the average was Rs. 6.55 lakhs.


A total of thirty one (31) reputed companies have recruited students so far.  Highest salary offered is Rs. 11.27 lakhs.


The placement process will continue till May 2017, by which time it is targeted that entire students will be placed.