covid 19 and your mba plans

Coronavirus (Covid-19) and your MBA plans

In March 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic. Yes, we are in the middle of a global health crisis which is so different from what most of us have seen before and how it has impacted all of us, from market crashing to looking at global crisis from an entirely new perspective. The learning is that Isolation is the only way to keep it from spreading.

At this moment as an MBA aspirant there must be pressing questions that you would like to find answers to: what should I be doing now? How do I remain focused? How do I continue with my MBA plans?  

By Kalyani Majumdar 

Dear MBA aspirants! First and foremost you need to think about how to utilise the time you have in your hands in the best way possible while keeping yourself and others safe by following Government directives and staying home as much as possible. Here is a list of suggestions to continue with your MBA plans in these trying times and find success in attaining your career goals. All the best!

GMAT and GRE Online Classes:  With the coronavirus outbreak Online Classrooms are the only solution at the moment to disseminate learning. Of course, in the past few years we have observed an increase in the popularity of online classes as it accomplishes at least three distinct things: distance, scale and personalisation.  

The good news for Indian GMAT test-takers is that the tests have not been suspended in India. At least officially there has been no announcements. So, preparation must go on. Of course your preparation has to be online. Continue preparing and stay positive. You have extra time to work on your weak areas, is it Verbal or Quant? Focus and continue working towards your goal. Get registered to online test preps for GMAT and GRE . Read about GMAT Live.

Deferred MBA: If you are worried about how the travel scenario and virus situation will be in the next year or so, have you considered Deferred MBA? So, Deferred MBA programs are almost similar to a regular MBA with one major difference. In this, you will be granted pre-admission for the MBA program, which is usually 2 years in advance. So, once you get your admit you need to work for 2 years before starting your MBA program. Start exploring now!

Time to Reflect: Take this adverse situation as an opportunity to reflect on why do you want to go to a particular B School? What is your ultimate career goal? Is it to be a CEO of a Fortune 500 or is it to be a consultant? Or become an entrepreneur? This is the time to think deeply and thoroughly as you have the time and pen it down. Write everyday. Read it again the next day. Gradually you will see how your story will shape up and voila you will be already halfway with your essays for the B Schools.

Build your profile: Instead of panicking use this time to build your profile. We don’t know when this pandemic will end and what kind of ripple effect it will have in the years to come. However, what you can control is how your CV will look when all this ends and you are ready to get into your chosen B School. Does finance excite you or art history was always something that interested you? But you had far too many distractions to ever enrol for that online class? Now, is the time to build on your hobbies and skill-sets. Join that online class or a forum today.

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Research and keep a lookout for opportunities: Be contrarian in such situations when everyone is panicking. Spend your time at home researching. Look at all the top B Schools and see what are they offering now. Lot of B Schools are changing their stance on admissions. For instance, INSEAD has informed all candidates that it will be more flexible and accept MBA applications without test scores, while also offering support with deferral requests and payment plans. So, keep yourself updated and have a lookout for opportunities. 

Eat healthy and exercise: In order to carry on with your career plans, you must follow a healthy eating habit and stay physically fit. Eat a balanced meal, do some balancing and other basic exercises at home and practice deep breathing. This will also help you stay positive.

Stay safe and stay put, as this too shall pass! Keep visiting this blog for further news and updates on B Schools.