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Dos and Don’ts : A Day before the CAT

What you should and shouldn’t be doing on the day just before the CAT? Here is a list of Dos and Don’ts for you to follow. 

Have a positive attitude


First thing first, you need to have the right attitude.  Whether you are well prepared, half prepared or unprepared- stay positive. You just have to go there and give your best shot. If you are positive it will make a big difference in your performance on the Test Day.
Taking mock tests

Taking three simulated or mock tests back to back or even taking one test on the day before the CAT is a bad idea.
Find out where the test centre is

It will be a good idea to visit the test centre the day before, so as to make sure you know how to reach there and how long it‘ll take to get there. And plan accordingly for the test day.

If your test centre is in another city, then reach the location a day before. Try and arrange your stay for the night before the test at a place close to the centre.
Things to carry to the test centre

Don’t wait till the last minute to collect everything you need to carry to the test centre.

Be ready with everything you need to carry to the test centre. Remember to carry your admit card and the required identity proof as mandated by the CAT authorities. Keep everything ready the day before the test.

Mask, Sanitiser and Gloves to be carried by the candidates
Relax in the evening

Take the evening off to do something relaxing, like spending time with friends. Don’t do anything stressful that might disrupt your emotional balance.

Don’t over-eat, and don’t under-eat. In short, don’t upset your normal routine.

Eat a balanced meal.  A healthy stomach will keep your mind healthy, which will get you a healthy CAT score!

 Get a good night’s rest

Make sure you get enough sleep and rest the night before, since you need to be fresh and alert on the Test Day.

  We wish you all the best!

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