IIM K Liberal Studies and Management

IIM Kozhikode: Post Graduate Programme in Liberal Studies & Management

The new programme launched by IIM Kozhikode in Post Graduate Programme in Liberal Studies & Management (PGP-LSM) is aspiring to integrate and equip future managers with a deep understanding of what drives people and society and is aimed to bring out the untapped potential of students having Liberal Studies background into a skilled workforce of unlimited value. Let’s find out why this new course by an IIM has the capacity to break new ground in management education.

By Kalyani Majumdar

 Let’s take a look at the salient points of this programme:

 What does the course offer?

  • Liberal Studies increases students’ abilities to think and to communicate clearly.
  • A strength and attraction of this programme is that this course provides many options to students to organise a study programme that is both personally interesting and professionally relevant. For instance the course offers electives such as Digital Humanities, Sustainability, IPR, Data visualisation using tableau, Responsible leadership and so on.
  • The course module will teach subjects such as Social Psychology, Qualitative Enquiry, Design thinking and innovation etc.

 Why Liberal Studies and Management? How does it help in today’s business landscape?

  • The standard curriculum for Liberal Studies is designed to ensure students master critical thinking through researching, interpreting, writing, learning, and synthesising complex areas of knowledge across disciplines. This in turn trains students to tackle the specialised tasks of their professional careers.
  • Students need to use different methods to learn about individual and groups of people. This helps in developing an appreciation of others, and learning to entertain different viewpoints. These skills can help an employee create rapport with colleagues/ customers by embracing different perspectives.
  • Innovative thinking is another essential skill liberal studies help students to develop.
  • Thinking out of the box is part of Liberal Studies as students are asked to come up with new ideas and perspectives and to challenge the status quo. Businesses thrive on innovation and change.

 How do these skills increase your employability?

According to a LinkedIn report, 57% of senior leaders today say soft skills are more important than hard skills. Also, a LinkedIn’s research in 2019 on the most sought-after job skills by employers listed, Creativity, Persuasion, Collaboration and Adaptability. Interestingly, one of the top five hard skills on the list was people management. Thus, a course in Liberal Studies and Management can aid in honing skills such as, thinking out of the box, innovative thinking, open to different viewpoints, critical thinking and so on which are deemed extremely important in the changing business landscape of today.

 Placement opportunities for graduates from this programme could encompass all people oriented work that requires effective communication skills, creativity and emotional intelligence.

  • Marketing manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Development sector
  • Government and Non-governmental sectors
  • Public Policy analyst
  • Media Management
  • Health and Welfare to name a few.
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