Keep Calm and Concentrate

Keep Calm and Concentrate: Yoga Talk

With CAT 2020 drawing closer, it is natural to feel a whirlwind of emotions and it can sometimes get difficult to focus and concentrate. In the last article on Yoga Talk we spoke about a breathing technique to alleviate stress and anxiety and in this article we will talk about two yoga postures that will improve your concentration and help you focus better on the task at hand.

Please remember this is not just for students but also for working professionals as we all know emotions are a part and parcel of every day life and when we are able to concentrate better we get things done more efficiently.

By Kalyani Majumdar


Tree pose or Vrikshasana (see the featured image for reference)

  • Stand straight with your feet together and hands on the sides.
  • Without bending your left knee, lift up your right foot and hold the ankle with your right hand, keeping your body straight and steady.
  • Fold your right knee and let the foot rest on the inner thigh of the left leg.
  • Try placing the foot as high as possible. Your right foot ought to press on the thigh, gently.
  • Your toes should be pointing downwards.
  • Use a fixed-exterior-gaze-point for steadiness.
  • Join your palms and fingers against your chest in the prayer position.
  • Now breathe in and lift up your hands gradually over your head.
  • Try to stretch yourself up high as far as possible.
  • Stay in that position for a minute.
  • Return to the initial position.
  • Repeat the pose with the other leg.

Do three rounds.

Concentrate on your surroundings 

  • You can do this lying down on your back.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Take few deep breaths and just relax.
  • Now try listening to all the sounds and follow the rhythm. (Gentle noise of the fan-blades rotating or the rustling sound of the leaves or the birds alongwith other sounds like a car passing by, someone talking and so on.)
  • First you will hear a multitude of sounds. Relax but keep your hearing active throughout.
  • Gradually turn you focus on just one sound
  • You will observe as you get deeper into this listening state all sounds have drowned, but one. Now concentrate on that one sound, it could be the fan or the bird chirping or something else.
  • Soon that sound will also drown out. Stay in that state for sometime and then slowly come out of this state.
  • Wiggle your toes, move your fingers, open your eyes and slowly turn right and then get up.

You will feel refreshed and more focused.


Do try this at home and let me know how you feel.

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The writer is a certified Yoga practitioner. 

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