Yoga Talk
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Keep Calm and Breathe: Yoga Talk

Whether you are a working professional, a student or a CAT aspirant preparing for the exam, feeling a certain degree of stress and anxiety is inevitable. In fact, no matter what stage of life you are in, life will throw […]

Being Creative
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Being Creative: Why is it important?

Whether you are a student, an MBA aspirant or a management professional, honing you creative abilities is a very important life and management skill to develop. Why? It is an important skill to develop in order to be a problem […]

soft Skills: Do you have it in you?
Life Skills Management Skills

Soft Skills: Do you have it in you?

While an advanced academic qualification like the MBA definitely helps in moving up the corporate ladder, one must know that in the long run it is having soft skills that contributes to a person’s success. This article will give you tips […]

how to build your image
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How to build your image

As visual creatures, we consciously or unconsciously evaluate others based on their appearance. People make observations and assumptions based on the limited visual information available to them, and therefore, first impressions can become one’s identity. Thus, building your image is […]

Keep calm and keep moving forward
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Keep Calm and Keep Moving Forward

Have you noticed how some people always remain calm even in the midst of a crisis? How they don’t break into sweat over situations when others are panicking? Have you wondered what makes these people tick?  It is not that […]