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    sir, i want do mba in finance... but i got only 72 in accounts in my 12th but i took bcom in grad. i got 70% there... sir will it affect doing mba in a good college... n what are the colleges for finance which do not consider academics for addmissn..

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    Most of the top B-schools give weightage to your past academic performance - the common thinking is that your past academic performance is a predictor of your future academic performance and success. While, somewhat flawed, this logic indeed has some merit. 

    You must do a thorough analysis of why you performed the way you did and if you continue to pursue Finance as your MBA major, will you do better? If you are really motivated to pursue Finance in MBA, you can also take up professional courses such as CFA to bolster your claim that you are serious about making a career in Finance.

    One of the top B-schools that only looks at your performance in management entrance test is JBIMS. If you are amongst the top few, you can easily enter their MBA proram. Most of the other b-schools give some weightage to your past academic performance.

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    sir, how to decide that which mba specialisation progm. we should opt for...

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    Selection of MBA Specialization is a classic Specialist vs. Generalist debate! Selecting an MBA specialization depends entirely on your capability, interest & career goals, past work & industry experience, and sometimes (though not recommended) the prevailing industry trend.

    There are many MBA students who don't pick any specialization and try to gain a general management perspective. At the same time, there are many MBA students who go for one or two MBA specialization. The success rate in both the cases are equal. 

    So, if you have not yet decided on which specialization to go for, don't panic. The first semester is common for all MBA aspirants and you can choose then. Even if you don't go for a specialization, you won't miss out anything in your career.

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    Average salary of iim fabm graduate

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    The salary detail of IIMA – FABM is as follows:


    Average: Rs. 15.63 LPA

    Maximum: Rs. 27.07 LPA

    Median: Rs. 16.10 LPA

    International: USD 110,000


    Please keep in mind that the salaries are backward looking criteria while selecting a b-school. Salaries depend on economic conditions; demand and supply; class pool etc. and those condition may or may not prevail.  IIMA’s ABM is #1 post graduate management program in agri-business management globally.

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